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Sportsheets gets Creative

The Sportsheets range of soft bondage and bedroom play items is now available in the UK through Creative Conceptions. 80 lines will be in stock initially, with more being added during the course of the year. A range of POS, including brochures, animated web banners and in-store posters that can be personalised with individual store names is available to support the brand.

The Sportsheets brand encompasses several sub brands aimed at ‘keeping couples connected’. There is Sportsheets itself, offering a range of whips and ticklers, innovative positioning and roleplay items and restraints; the Flirt range, aimed at the more timid customer and offering a soft, sensual introduction to bondage play; for the gay market, there is Manbound, a range of restraints, sexual positioning and bondage items packaged specifically for them, while Sedeux is a range of dildos and harnesses for girls.

The most recent addition to the Sportsheets’ portfolio is the Sex In The Shower range. Creative Conceptions’ Richie Bowles said: “With 85% of adults admitting to having sex in the shower the new Sex In The Shower range has very broad appeal. It is such a simple idea that when you see it your first response is – why didn’t I think of that?”

The SITS range includes products such as a single locking suction foot rest, a dual showerhead and suction hand cuffs.

Jane Bowles of Creative Conceptions explained how Sportsheets fitted in with the distributor’s other brands such as ID and Screaming O: “As a company our aim is to brand, market and distribute quality, couple friendly adult brands. Brands that are of the utmost quality, ensuring repeat purchase and encouraging brand loyalty amongst customers and the Sportsheets range certainly meets all those criteria. We know that once a customer buys a Sportsheets product they will have a great experience with it, feel they have received value for money and will look for other items from the brand when they are ready for their next adventure.

“In addition, the incredible marketing back up from the manufacturers in terms of product demonstration videos, quality artwork and imagery means we can offer our trade customers excellent point of sale both in-store and on the web to really help sales. Part of our job is to brand the Sportsheets name to the end customer so that when they see the products in-store or online they will recognise the name and feel comfortable purchasing. We aim to do this through a number of consumer adverts, bespoke in-store posters and ensuring all our customers have access to the extensive range of product demos, imagery, web banners and animated web banners.”