Splash landing: Net 1on1 takes on Bathmate

Posted: November 22, 2017

Net 1on1 expects hydropump brand Bathmate to make something of a splash now it has re-entered the wholesaler’s catalogue with its Hercules and X-30 pumps. The brand’s penis enlargement pumps harness the power of water to create suction and vacuum, and Net 1on1 says the products can offer permanent growth in length and girth in a safe, convenient, and comfortable way.

In addition to the pumps, Net 1on1 is also stocking Bathmate’s Trim rechargeable razor. Head buyer Danielle Warn said: “The Bathmate concept is so unique, there’s nothing quite like it when it comes to penis enlargement on the market. Reintroducing this brand into our catalogue fills us with anticipation and excitement as we know that these pumps are incredibly popular and are used by thousands of men all across the world. The Hercules is the one that started it all, it’s a perfect beginners’ hydropump – accessible, easy to use and provides significant, permanent growth. On the other hand, the X-series pumps are like the Chryslers of penis enlargement – equipped with the latest technology and features like the Swivel Bellows and the Super Flow Latch Valve System to create 35% more suction and visible, permanent results after just six weeks of daily use. We also added the Bathmate Trim to the line-up to help consumers create that perfect seal between their body and the pump as this will result in a more effective and satisfying pumping experience – it’s time to manscape, boys!”

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