Speak and swell: voice-activated toy will ‘bring masturbation into the 21st century’

Posted: March 1, 2019

A new male sex toy is promising to ‘bring masturbation into the 21st century’ by offering voice-activated functionality. Currently seeking investment on Indiegogo, the Jerkmaster will allow users to control the speed, intensity, and stroke length with their voice, making it a truly hands-free experience.

A gentleman named Fred Jones, who goes by the title of head of masturbation research at Jerkmaster, said: “It’s an all too common issue in relationships: someone is in the mood, and their partner is not. That build-up of sexual tension is not healthy for any relationship. Also, not everyone has a wife or a girlfriend. This product allows a man to release his sexual energy in a very interactive and completely fun way using his voice to direct the action.  The Jerkmaster never lets a headache get in the way of sexual release, so users can experience those same intense sexual experiences, without the hassle or frustration.”

Jones added that Jerkmaster will give users “the most precise control of any male sexual device” through its voice-control, though it can also be operated with buttons on the side.  Ten speeds of stroke length, stroke position, and stroke tightness are on offer, and users can operate Jekmaster when seated or standing.

The Jerkmaster software will be offered as open source, allowing users to program their own patterns and different variations. “We will also build a community for people to share the new and exciting programming our users have developed,” said Jones. “We will actively help and encourage the community to build even cooler ways to use the Jerkmaster than even we could dream up.”

For more information see the Indiegogo campaign here.