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Something in the air: trio of new REV-Air strokers available from Net 1on1

Something in the air: trio of new REV-Air strokers available from Net 1on1

Net 1on1 has added three new non-anatomical male strokers to its male sex toy brand, REV. Joining the REV1000 rotating male masturbator are the REV-Air Pro, Tight, and Light reusable masturbation cups, which are available for retailers to purchase now.

“The REV1000 has been around for over 10 years now and it’s still such a solid, reliable seller globally,” said Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez. “We haven’t even changed its packaging all this time and it still doesn’t feel outdated or old. An expansion to the REV range was always on the cards, but as usual, we felt compelled to wait for the right toys to come around that will properly complement the REV1000 and I believe we found them in the three REV-Air strokers.”

The new see-through masturbation cups have non-anatomical entrances and different internal textures. They sport an air hole at the top that allows for closer control of the suction and pressure strength in the chamber, and there is also space for a small bullet vibrator within the sleeves, should the user wish to increase the intensity even further.

“Many bricks-and-mortar retailers found a new home online during the coronavirus crisis, but this meant that the competition for consumers’ attention ramped up considerably too,” said Gonzalez. “We want to launch products that grab shoppers’ imagination, so they are drawn to the item to find out more. We spent a lot of time on the branding of these strokers and it’s already paying off in positive feedback received from some of our most long-standing customers. We created a funky new logo that looks modern and distinct. We went with colours that are not often associated with male toys – magenta, orange and ultramarine – as we wanted the products to really stand out. We left the top part of the cups uncovered so the enticing pleasure chambers can be viewed and admired freely.

“The REV-Airs are released under the hugely successful overarching brand-umbrella of Loving Joy, which is great news in regard to margins – most of our customers will know that all Loving Joy products qualify for tiered pricing, so the more units they commit to, the better price they’ll get. But even at its base price, the REV-Air range comes in extremely competitively so dropshippers can make a tidy profit too.”

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