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Sliquid unveils online marketing and educational campaign

Sliquid unveils online marketing and educational campaign

Sliquid has announced the launch of a new marketing and educational campaign called Sliquid 101, inspired by the questions its customer service team receive on a daily basis. The questions range from, ‘What is the difference in water-based and silicone products?,’ to more complex questions, such as ‘I have multiple sensitivities, so which is which going to work best for me?’ and Sliquid has created an interactive quiz around them.

Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott said: “Our marketing and sales team have put together something truly original for our customers and vendors to enjoy. It’s not all fun and games though. Sliquid 101 is real-time product education, for all consumers who are conscious of buying a product that is going to work for them and address their specific need(s). I am excited to see our brand grow, not just in product SKUs, sales, and employees, but also in ideas and concepts that come to fruition through the creative and innovative minds behind this Sliquid 101 campaign. I am very proud of the entire Sliquid team for all their hard work on this campaign.”

The interactive quiz is available at https://sliquid.com/sliquid-101/ and consists of five questions that calculate a result based on the answers provided, which will land the customer on a page containing pertinent information about the recommended Sliquid product they should use and why they have been directed to that particular product.

As part of this learning experience, Sliquid has produced original videos featuring Sliquid expert Michelle Marcus, to convey the information in a more direct, clear, and personalised way. The video content offers the viewer the foundational knowledge as to what they should be using, and then links them to the site to learn more about the product, as well as to purchase if they wish. Viewers can add a bottle of the product they land on directly to their cart without ever leaving the quiz.

Erik Vasquez, Sliquid marketing director, said: “The Sliquid 101 campaign is the culmination of months of work put forth by a creative team that I am unbelievably proud to be part of. Together, we have crafted a comprehensive, strategic marketing initiative that deviates from the traditional photo campaigns of yesteryear and positions Sliquid a step above the rest by offering our customers a more innovative way of connecting with our brand. When it comes to marketing, companies must think outside the box and meet their customers where they are at…and that is online. Moreover, when it comes to branding, companies must be bold and direct in their mission. For Sliquid, this meant taking product education to a digital platform, and making it accessible to our end user so that their intimate product purchases are thoughtful and educated.”

Bloggers and online retailers can request a customised, branded quiz, which will be generated using the requester’s logo and website colour scheme. The requester will then be sent a link to embed the quiz into their own website, and the landing page with the suggested product will then link back to that website’s Sliquid product page so the customer can purchase directly through their site. Should the product they land on not be available through the site, the customer can then request to have the retailer carry the product.

Michelle Marcus, VP of sales and merchandising at Sliquid, said: “I am super excited about this campaign as it will provide a great opportunity for our retail partners to offer a much needed educational tool that will guide the consumer through the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of selecting an intimate lubricant. Often when it comes to selecting intimate products, for some, it becomes so overwhelming that they end up walking away without anything to address their needs. While the lubricant market continues to grow and offer a plethora of options, Sliquid is using this time to empower customers to make better-informed decisions regarding their overall sexual health and wellness.”

Online retailers and bloggers can request their customised Sliquid 101 quiz by visiting https://sliquid.com/sliquid-101/quiz-request/.

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