Sliquid names Ashley Manta As Lube Evangelist

Posted: April 8, 2019

Sliquid has entered into a partnership with Cannasexual Ashley Manta, designed to help increase the brand’s visibility and introduce it to new markets. Sliquid says that Ashley is a professional sex educator, coach, and speaker who helps people navigate various topics related to sex, consent, and cannabis. She will act as a conduit, to promote Sliquid through social media, demonstrations, giveaways, and at events and she will be using Sliquid’s educational Sliquid 101 Quiz ( to help people find the right Sliquid product to fit their individual needs.

“It has been amazing to watch Ashley’s career take off,” said Dean Elliott, Sliquid CEO. “Her star is shining bright, and as she continues to become an even more highly sought-after sex educator, we needed to strike, while the iron was hot! Unquestionably, this is the perfect time to join forces and cultivate a beneficial partnership. I’ve personally known Ashley for a long time, so it comes with no surprise, with her personality, talent, and love of our brand, she is the right person to help raise the awareness of Sliquid’s products to her dedicated audience and potential new customers.”

Ashley has already introduced hundreds of nurses, at the Cannabis Nurses Network Conference, to Sliquid by providing samples and literature after her panel, and again during the self-care portion of the conference. Ashley also shared Sliquid during two live SXSW podcast appearances on Ignite Intimacy and American Sex Podcast with Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg, sponsored by Patreon. Everyone in attendance received Sliquid samples, and everyone who participated in the live Q&A received a free, full-sized product.

“Sliquid has been my go-to lube since I first heard about them in 2013,” said Ashley. “It is a dream come true to be working with a company that makes so many of my favourite products. Sliquid was the exclusive lube sponsor of my online Hand Sex Masterclass, and it was a joy to share the range and flexibility of the products in a practical education environment. I’m overjoyed to announce that I’ll be rolling out an oral sex component to my online partner pleasing course in the next few months and we will be incorporating Sliquid into the teaching materials, this time by highlighting their sugar-free flavoured lubricant line, Swirl.”