Skins launches Hot Shots for him and her

Posted: August 12, 2016

Skins Sexual Health has launched its specially formulated libido-enhancing Hot Shots, which are designed to help the blood rush to the area where men and women want it most. There is Energising Orange fuelled by Ginseng for him and Electric Strawberry powered by Ginkgo Biloba for her, to enhance peak performance for both.

According to the company, Ginseng – contained in Hot Shots for him – is a herb most popular for contributing to physical and mental wellbeing and its energetic alertness. As well as enhancing libido and sexual performance, Ginseng works on improving vitality, reducing stress, supporting the body’s natural defences and immune system. Ginkgo Biloba – included in Hot Shots for her – is said to allow more blood flow to the brain and intimate area in addition to boosting mental power, memory and promoting an ‘up for it and ready to go’ attitude. Ginkgo Biloba is also said to work as a long term sexual enhancer and increase overall energy levels.

“We know that pills and prescriptions are not for everyone, so for those that are looking for an upgrade in sexual activity in addition to multiple benefits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, without the hassle of other complications or embarrassment, this is the perfect product,” said Skins Sexual Health. “This innovative and appealing addition to the Skins Sexual Health brand is also available with three different varieties of vibrant countertop displays, designed to suit the demographic of all stores. We offer a display for him, one just for her and a mixed POS too. Bold and bright colours complement our striking packaging that will certainly draw an eye to the shelf top.”

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