Sir Richard’s Soak N’ Stroke now available

Posted: January 22, 2017

Sir Richard’s, best known for introducing all-natural, premium, non-toxic condoms to the market, is now shipping its Soak N’ Stroke line. Sir Richard’s first premiered its Soak N’ Stroke shower masturbation lubricants at last year’s ANME and the line of consumables, plus the Safer Than Sin toy cleaner and Champion Oral Sex Spray, is now available.

“The Soak N’ Stroke line of water-resistant masturbation lubricants are intended to enhance men’s solo sessions in the shower,” the company said. “The line includes three products: Rub It Out cream, Tug It Out polish, and Beat It Out Gel, each with their own unique formula and level of viscosity. All of the Soak N’ Stroke masturbation lubricants are water-resistant, oil based and come with a hanging bottle so you can leave it within an arm’s reach. Get wet. Get dirty. Get Clean. Repeat.”

The Safer Than Sin toy cleaner is described as an ultra-fine mist spray that makes it easy for users to clean their favourite products and get back to business. The gentle formula is compatible with all toys. Champion Oral Sex Spray is said to make one of life’s greatest pleasures even more enjoyable. The spearmint spray reduces discomfort with a gentle desensitising formula, making oral sex more enjoyable, in addition to leaving the user with minty fresh breath.