Men who masturbate in silence, rejoice – 3Fap is on its way

Posted: October 22, 2015

Brian Sloan, the man who raised $300k on Indiegogo to launch the Autoblow 2 male pleasure device, is back on the site with another proposition – 3Fap. Sloan said that while men all around the world are enjoying their motorised Autoblow 2s, there are other men who prefer to masturbate in silence: “This project will bring to life my redesign of the traditional silent handheld masturbator for men. The handheld male masturbator is a class of devices built with little of any innovation for at least the last 20 years. 3Fap will change that by offering new sensations, more options, a more attractive appearance, and vastly improved overall usability.”

Whereas many male masturbation assisting devices offer only one orifice, one texture, and one level of suction, 3Fap promises men three orifices, three textures and three independently controlled levels of suction. In his 90 second pitch video, Sloan informs viewers that their penises “are in prison and 3Fap is their way out.”

He claims that the current market leading products force men to purchase multiple sleeves to enjoy multiple orifices and textures, and there’s no way to use these multiple sleeves simultaneously during one masturbation event – until now. 3Fap is said to be the first sex toy to use the latest 3D scanning technology to reproduce mouths, vulvas, and anuses onto the tops of its sleeves.

Within a week of the Indiegogo campaign starting, 3Fap reached 50% of its goal and the pitch has been covered by online media including BuzzFeed, Elitedaily, Dailydot, Brobible, and Maxim.

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