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Shots on target: sales increases results in price reductions

Shots to double in size

Shots has announced that it is lowering prices on over 600 items from its catalogue. In a public statement, Shots marketing manager Nancy van Eck explained that the firm was doing this mainly to show its gratitude and support to its loyal customers, some of whom are struggling due to the turbulent times we are all experiencing.

“We are also a big believer in a contrarian investment strategy,” she said in the statement. “We like to mix up the system and do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Originality and creativity are crucial components for Shots success and since we are in unprecedented times, we need unprecedented strategies. Our worldwide sales have increased over 150% this year, allowing us to purchase a larger volume of merchandise, dropping the cost per unit and giving us an opportunity to achieve cost advantages through economies of scale.

“However, lower prices do not mean we are cutting corners in the quality of our products or the world class customer service you’ve come to expect from Shots. We are determined to offer the marketplace the best product with the best quality, design, packaging, and above all a guaranteed best price.”

She emphasised that this initiative is not a sale, and that if all main factors remain stable then this new pricing structure will remain in place.

“We know our customers are extremely intelligent and sophisticated, and will immediately see an opportunity to buy more of our product with considerable savings, thus allowing them to increase their margins, increase their sales volume, and grow along with us,” she concluded.

These price reductions are effective immediately. Customers are urged to contact their Shots representative for a full list of the price reductions.