Shots’ new Touche site

Posted: September 28, 2009

Shots Media has announced that it has completely reconstructed and redesigned its Touché website ( following the release, and worldwide success, of its most recent product, Touché Ice.

A Shots Media spokesperson said: “The Touché website is only meant to inform our consumers and fans over the world about the new releases and facts of the Touché brand. We do not want to sell product to the consumers, because we think this is something our wholesale and retail partners must do. The new website contains full product information and brand new photography of all the toys individually, and consumers can now write their own comments and reviews.”

The product manuals can be downloaded in eight languages and the Press section of the site allows visitors to see recent coverage of the brand. Advertisements and promotional films can also be found on the site, and these can be used and linked to by stockists of the products.