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Shots image bank now offers 3D product views

Shots image bank now offers 3D product views

As showroom visits have been off the menu for the last 18 months, Shots has announced that its products can now be seen online in 3D, in order to replicate the same look and feel visitors would get when seeing the items in a showroom.

Jop van Dam, video editor at Shots, is partly responsible for the 3D images and he said: “We made the products turn 360 degrees with our 3D software and converted these videos into GIFs, which are incorporated in the catalogue of Shots’ latest release. Each item in the catalogue has their own GIF. Our customers can see the items from every angle, or they can get a close look of the fabric. In this way, they don’t miss out any information they would get when being live in our shop.”

In addition to being in the catalogue, the GIFs can also be found in Shots’ image bank so customers can download them and incorporate them into their own marketing.

For more information contact your Shots account manager or see the image bank at  www.shots.nl

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