Home Industry News Shots claim record-breaking figures for 2019 Sales Weeks

Shots claim record-breaking figures for 2019 Sales Weeks

Shots claim record-breaking figures for 2019 Sales Weeks

Shots reported record-breaking sales for the month of July 2019, coinciding with its Sales Weeks in both the Netherlands and the USA. The distributor held two parties – a VIP Gala on Thursday the18th at Varenhof and the Shots Party on Friday the 19th – against the backdrop of the 4-Day Marches in Nijmegen, which included exclusive live performances. A “substantial” sum of money was also raised during these events for charities.

“To achieve a successful ‘Sales Week’, all year round the Shots teams on either side of the pond have to work their fingers to the bone,” the company said. “Spotting all the new trends within the relevant markets has resulted in the creation of new brands with original products, that will certainly add value to the expanding Shots range. Also, as a result of this, some existing brands have been further developed and improved.”

During the events, additions to many of Shots’ in-house brands were showcased, including Discretion, Electroshock, Real-Life Dolls, Irresistible, Ouch, Pumped, and RealRock. Third party brands which are now available from Shots include Adrian Lastic, Hot, COTR, B-Vibe, Cowgirl, Le Wand, and Seven Creations.

“These incredible achievements have taken a mammoth amount of hard work over the last year and the entire Shots team has surpassed itself,” the company said.

In a statement issued later by Shots boss Oscar Heijnen, it was announced that this year’s Shots Party would be the last in its current form.

“Each year the Shots Parties were a huge success,” he said. “The ‘meet and greet’, as we used to call it, morphed into a full-blown VIP party with 125 guests on Thursday evening. Then on the Friday we received more than 200 guests at the finish line of the 4-Day Marches… There are many reasons for us to quit while we are ahead. The location can no longer cater for the ever-increasing guest list, the famous red suits and dresses are too warm for the time of year, and we literally cannot outdo ourselves anymore. We also don’t want to have to pick and choose who we can invite due to a limited guest number obligation. We are going back to the drawing board and we will come up with something new and exciting, trust me! Fifteen years ago we began with just a handful of clients and ended up with over 200. It became difficult to entertain such an enormous group of people. I think that when we return there will be one or even two parties per year, albeit smaller and more intimate…We want to thank everyone, customers, suppliers, friends and staff for a series of unforgettable Shots Parties which cannot be surpassed ever again!”