Sheets of San Francisco links up with Give Lube

Posted: April 18, 2016

Sheets of San Francisco has announced that it has teamed up with ETO Award-winning brand Give Lube and will now be providing samples of the company’s Silicone+ lubeshots with all sheet sample packs.

Sheets of San Francisco manufactures a range of high quality, fluid-proof sheets and throws that were originally made in the USA but are now also manufactured in the UK. This allows the company to provide short lead times for both the UK and mainland European markets.

Mark Boulton, CEO of Sheets of San Francisco, said: “Quality is key to us at Sheets of San Francisco and where possible we like to forge relationships with other companies and products with similar quality and brand values. When we discovered the guys who produce Give Lube we could immediately see the benefits of working with them. Their Silicone+ lube is a fantastic product which works so well with our fluid-proof sheets as, unlike many other bedding products, the silicone washes off with ease leaving the sheets as good as new. A winning combination.”

Nigel Powell, MD of Give Pleasure Products, said: “We feel honoured to be chosen to work with Sheets of San Francisco. I really admire the confidence and belief that they have in their products. Their sheets are not only of the highest quality but they’re fluid-proof, wax proof, breathable, comfortable and still machine washable. Everyone knows that silicone lube can stain some sheets. It can sometimes be a tough clean. It isn’t just words from Sheets of San Francisco on what their products claim they can do. They prove it by now providing one of the toughest ‘tests’ with their sheet sample packs by including a 10ml Silicone+ lubeshot.  It is a winning combination, but mainly for the consumer. They can have a luxurious glide quality on a luxurious sheet, with no worries.”

Samples packs are available to the trade, to see the quality and for passing on to end consumers.  For more information and trade price lists contact Mark Boulton via or visit