Shed Simove launches Kickstarter for wanker-gesture-creating device

Posted: September 19, 2017

Those who find themselves surrounded by wankers will welcome the latest innovation from Shed Simove, and by backing the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign they can be among the first to receive the Hand Wobbler. The wanker-gesture-creating device is made up of a 9cm x 5cm 400 micron PVC hand with a remarkably strong suction cup attached to a spring and a self-adhesive pad: the user sticks the pad either to the back of the hand (as in our image) or the front (for sticking to the inside of car windows, for example).  The motion of a vehicle will set the hand wobbling or, in a stationary location, just a gentle flick is all that is required (click here to see it in action).

Inventor Shed Simove, who was profiled in the September issue of ETO, has been creating novelties for over a decade, starting with Clitoris Allsorts, and he believes the Hand Wobbler will be perfect for the Christmas gift market. It can be stuck to almost any smooth surface and allows its owner to vent their frustration in a non-confrontational manner.

Shed Simove said: “There’s something quintessentially British and delightfully cheeky about this gesture and I’m thrilled at how the Hand Wobbler has turned out. Whether you’d adore having this yourself or know someone who’d appreciate this fabulous wobbling hand, then you or they will enjoy minutes of pleasure from this original and fun novelty gift.”

Shed said the Hand Wobbler was inspired by the famous football chant ‘The referee’s a wanker!’ and his inventive background allowed him to bring the product to market. Simove has plans to create an entire range of wobbling items. “For now, the Hand Wobbler gives office workers doing a Secret Santa in their office a novel, light hearted way of giving the wanker gesture this Christmas,” concluded Shed.

The Hand Wobbler Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise £1,000 and those that back the project first can receive a Hand Wobbler of their own for £6. Click here for further information or to support the Kickstarter campaign.