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‘Shagadelic’ new range from LoveHoney

Shag Factory is a new range of fun sex toys developed by LoveHoney and inspired by ‘swinging sixties’ London. The brightly coloured Shag Factory packaging features bold graphics, designed to appeal to women and couples looking to take their first steps in sex toys.

“The market is crying out for fun and flirty couples’ toys that don’t rely on heaving cleavage and guys with ridiculous pecs to attract attention in-store,” said LoveHoney founder Richard Longhurst. “Shag Factory will hit the button for anyone who’s ever seen an Austin Powers movie and wants to find out the true meaning of ‘shagadelic’.”

Promoted under the tag line ‘Bullets and Rings for the Groovy Generation’, the 16-strong Shag Factory range includes seven vibrating cock rings, eight vibrating bullets in a variety of colours and a pack of 10 Shag Batteries.

Retail prices start at €6.99 for the entry-level Day Tripper vibrating cock ring, with the hefty twin-bullet Double Decker ring weighing in at €25.99. The three-speed pink and purple Love Missile bullets retail for €12.49, while the Flower Power bullets – available in Peace, Love and Happiness silicone sleeves – cost €15.99

Retailers have the option of showing the products on peg hooks or in Shag Factory brand countertop displays or in the custom Shag Factory spinner. There will be a Shag Swag redemption programme which enables customers to return their empty Shag packets and exchange them for Shag Factory items such as T-shirts, hats and key rings. The more Shag Factory items customers buy from stores and online retailers, the more Shag Swag they can get.

The range will be sold exclusively through LoveHoney in the UK but European retailers will be able to buy it through wholesalers. More information can be found at www.shagfactory.com