Sexy Jessica-Jane Clement gets naked for PETA campaign

Posted: July 20, 2012

Sexy Jessica-Jane Clement, best known from the BBC program “The Real Hustle” and “I’m a Celebrity”, is aiding the campaign to end animal testing in the EU by posing naked for PETA with Sammy the rabbit under the slogan “No Bunny Should Suffer for Beauty”.

The European Parliament voted in 2003 to end the sale of cosmetics and toiletries containing ingredients tested on animals by 2013. The Jessica-Jane Clement and Sammy for PETA ads draw attention to the risk that the European Commission might not fulfil its obligations for the 2013 deadline to end the sale of animal-tested cosmetics as there are suggestions that there might be an extension on the deadline and the introduction of loopholes.

“Testing on animals isn’t necessary – many companies don’t test at all,” said Clement. “With such a high demand for cosmetics, it’s important to ensure that demand for beauty products doesn’t mean animals dying.”

Animal testing for cosmetics and their ingredients is already illegal in the EU but the ban on the sale of products and ingredients that have been subject to animal testing outside of the EU is dependent on this new law.

“Make-up is a huge passion of mine, and if I hadn’t fallen into acting and presenting, I was going to do make-up,” Clement said in a Q&A with PETA. “This means that a lot of girls ask me daily about different cosmetics and which ones they should use, so I am in a powerful position, especially with social media.”

A decision by the European Commission is expected later this summer.

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