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Sextoys.co.uk revamps for mobile shoppers

Online adult retailer Sextoys.co.uk has made changes to its website to ensure it is fully compliant with all mobile devices as well as conventional computers. The firm says the new site is the first fully responsive design in its sector, and it now automatically configures itself into mobile mode when viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

Sextoys.co.uk CEO Dean Farebrother explained: “It doesn’t take a genius to realise that most of us now browse the internet remotely rather than sat at a desktop computer. We’ve all been victims of websites which aren’t tailored to fit a smaller device – cue endless scrolling, broken images, non-functioning videos and constant zooming. It really doesn’t inspire you to part with your hard-earned cash on such sites. Of course, it came to our attention that our own customers would feel this way too and be put off by a non-responsive site, so we’ve taken every effort to make sure that their shopping experience is a pleasant and easy one. No matter what time of day it is or geographical location they are in.”

Aside from being able to work cross-platform, the product categorisation, shopping cart process, and overall look has been given a revamp in order to further enhance the user’s experience.

Emma Podmore, PR & Marketing manager for Sextoys.co.uk, added: “Looking at our site campaign stats in detail I can see first-hand where all of our clicks come from and the largest percentage is from an iPhone. With this in mind, it really was important to make sure that we could support this internationally used device and ensure an all-round better shopping experience for the end user.”

Upon launching the site, Sextoys.co.uk will be issuing a welcome promotional purchase code, offering customers 20% discount off their first order. Additionally, the retailer will be welcoming any feedback from users with regard to their experience while shopping via the updated site. This can be done via: [email protected]