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Sextoys.co.uk for sale

Sextoys.co.uk for sale

Fancy owning own of the industry’s most iconic online retailers, which has been a finalist in the Best Online Retailer category of the ETO Awards every year since their inception in 2005 (an honour it shares with only one other business)?

Now is your opportunity: Sextoys.co.uk is up for sale. Founded by Dean Farebrother, the site with the domain name that defines the sector it trades in, is profitable and – due to its efficient logistics arrangements – could probably be run from home by one person.

“The sale will include the domain, CMS/site and our entire customer database going back 20 years,” Dean told ETO. “I am also happy to introduce any potential buyer to my contacts in the industry if they want to go down the manufacturing route.”

Dean has produced a sales deck that will be available to anyone who shows an interest in purchasing the business. For more information email [email protected]