Sexopoly becomes Risky or Frisky?

Posted: November 4, 2010

IOS Games has announced that it is rebranding its adult board game Sexopoly, which was launched at July’s ETO Show, to Risky or Frisky. The decision was taken following lengthy dialogue with Hasbro; although IOS Games holds the trademark for Sexopoly, Hasbro signalled its intentions to seek legal action to prevent the use of the name in the UK and Europe.

Although this might at first appear to be a setback, at least one benefit has resulted from the change of name, as IOS Games’ Wendy Stevenson explained: “Originally Sexopoly was destined for adult shops only, however with the name change to Risky or Frisky it is now more likely that the game will be accessible to many more gift shops around the world, and a large gift company in Portugal has already placed an order for the new game.”

Risky or Frisky is now available in French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese versions. For further details contact IOS Games on 01992 534755 or email