Sex Toys Buzz launch ASAP portal

Posted: November 16, 2012

Sex Toys Buzz launched its new ASAP portal earlier this week, which it says is designed to allow users of touch-screen mobile devices easier access to the content on Sex Toys Buzz and other sites in its portfolio.

“We’ve been conscious for several years that more and more users are viewing our sites on mobile devices,”’s Alex Parker said. “That’s why we have been providing mobile device interfaces for our sites since 2008 and try to ensure that developments on the sites are mobile friendly and where possible totally mobile aware to ensure the best experience for our visitors. With ASAP we have taken the layout and formatting a step further to design an interface from the ground up. This allows us to simplify the interface, making it much more accessible to touch screen devices like phones and tablets from Apple, Microsoft and suppliers of Android devices.”

Parker continued, “This is the first incarnation of the interface, but even at this stage we think it offers opportunities for advertisers by allowing very targeted advertising. Not only is this a way for online retailers to sponsor specific searches via the portal, or pages within it but we can see bricks and mortar stores taking advantage of the new portal to encourage customers to their shops. Once inside they can browse our reviews while selecting products from the shelves.”

According to Editor Suzanne Parker, “The portal is a starting point for ASAP. While it has been designed for touch interface devices it still works well with desktop operating systems too, but there’s more to come next year. By Quarter 2 2013 we will have a fully functional Android App which takes the most popular aspects of ASAP and combines them with new features that only a phone app can deliver. Unfortunately due to the nature of the content we’re delivering it will not be practical to have an iOS app.”

The ASAP Portal also gives touch-screen device users access to the sex toy reviews, adult movie reviews, erotic stories and posts on the sex blog.

Organizations wishing to advertise on the portal and smartphone app may email Suzanne Parker at for more information.