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Sex & relationship coach Rachael McCoy launches new website

Sex & relationship coach Rachael McCoy launches new website

The UK’s award winning sex and relationship coach Rachael McCoy has announced the launch of her new website “Inspiring Sexuality” at RachaelIS.com.

Inspiring Sexuality first launched in 2012 as an online portal to discuss sexuality and relationships for both women and men. The website has since been revamped to better showcase Rachael’s growing portfolio of unique online workshops and services.

“I’m really happy with the new look of the site.” Rachael told ETO. “I feel it reflects the image I’m trying to achieve – sexy, classy and informative. It’s much easier for people to navigate around and get the information they are after. There’s video and written copy so people can pick which they prefer. My aim is to have a diverse range of sex tips, advice and reviews and I’m very excited about all the content I have in store for my viewers.”

Rachael specialises in teaching and demonstrating sexual techniques where people can learn practical advice as well as theoretical. All techniques are demonstrated on realistic moulds as Rachael found this to be a much more effective way of teaching. Rachael also believes in the importance of teaching confidence and communication strategies within the relationship.

Rachael’s interest in the sex and relationship field began in 2007 when she became inspired by helping others to achieve the sex life and relationship they have always wanted. Soon after, Rachael was conducting workshops for women with the aim of these ladies learning more about themselves and how they can use this in communicating their feelings with their partner. This subsequently lead to working with some of the UK’s best adult toy companies, where she continued to learn more as well as to host her own online show discussing the various benefits of products and how these could support a positive sex life.

In 2013, Rachael was invited to become the official sex and relationship coach for Erotica; the largest and longest lasting adult lifestyle show in the UK. It was here where she gave teaser sessions of her master class series to packed audiences. She was also invited to speak at the 2013 Love, Sex and Intimacy fair in Brighton where she held practical sexual technique workshops and conducted her talks on Positive Sexual Confidence.

“The Sexual Success master classes for men and women have been a huge success so far and we plan to make them bigger and better over the course of this year,” Rachael continued. “They are the perfect way to get people together and talking about better sex while having loads of fun at the same time. I am also excited about the potential of working with shop owners and other industry professionals,” the sex educator added.

Rachael has a reputedly friendly and open style of teaching and was voted by the public as Xcite’s top 2013 UK Sexpert. She is currently writing her first book on better sex, which will be out later in the year.

The new website gives easy access to Rachael’s lessons on better sex and sexual techniques in specific areas. Viewers can watch and learn with her in the comfort of their own home.

For more information, visit www.RachaelIS.com.