Hello Clitty: the purr-fect vibe for cat lovers

Posted: November 2, 2018

The cheekily named Hello Clitty is the latest pet project from Shed Simove, and it is guaranteed to appeal to cat lovers this gifting season. Hello Clitty is a ten-speed bullet vibe emblazoned with a cute ‘paws’ design, which is also carried through to the packaging.

Hello Clitty is the result of a collaboration with UK manufacturer Rocks-Off, and Shed Simove commented: “You’ve got the quality, design flair and reliability they bring, plus the quirkiness, childishness, and uniqueness of a deviant mind too. It’s the ideal match.”

Having tried the product in the ETO office, we can confirm – and we’re not kitten around when we say this – that Hello Clitty left us feline good.

Hello Clitty has a suggested retail price of £14.99 and Shed Simove is looking for retailers or a distributor to take the product on. Contact him through www.shedsimove.com

When asked why consumers will buy Hello Clitty rather than another bullet vibe, Shed replied: “It’s the perfect Christmas gift for every woman in your life. It’ll give the recipient a laugh, plus give them enormous pleasure too, two very precious and needed resources in the world we live in today.”

After a short paws, he added: “Get your hands on one before I get sued.”