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Selfridges welcomes Lelo’s 20-karat gold £2000 pleasure beads

Selfridges welcomes Lelo’s 20-karat gold £2000 pleasure beads

Lelo, the award-winning designers of intimate lifestyle accessories today announced the release of the world’s first pleasure beads ever to be made available in 20-karat gold, launching in Selfridges and leading retailers across the UK at a price of £2090.


Visitors to London’s Selfridges will now be able to view the entire Lelo Luxe range of premium sex toys, including a sensual massager named Yva, a gentleman’s plug named Earl (with matching gold cufflinks), and the top-of-the-line Inez vibrator that retails at £10,000.

Lelo describes Luna Beads Luxe, the latest addition to its Luxe collection, as the most exquisite pleasure beads ever created. Similar in design to the Ben Wa balls that have been enjoyed as a sensual aide for centuries, the beads are intended to be worn during foreplay or romantic evenings out with a partner. When used they deliver subtle vibrations according to the wearer’s movements, for sensual pleasures both during foreplay and beyond.

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Alongside the premium Luxe items, Selfridges is also stocking a wide variety of Lelo Pleasure Objects that retail between £20-£100. One such example are the original Lelo Luna Beads, which shot to the very top of  global sensual wellness charts in 2012-2013 due to the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ phenomenon, recording an amazing 400% increase over a 12-month period.

Selfridges elected to add Lelo products to its store offering due to the positive feedback it has received from its customers, both through online sales and a soft launch of Lelo products in its London store over the past two weeks.

Lelo CEO, Miroslav Slavic said: “Sex toys are no longer what people imagined 10 years ago, and Lelo is responsible for that dramatic shift in thinking. The luxury designs we offer belong in the mainstream, and the decision of Selfridges to stock Lelo items is a testament to that fact. We are proud so many visitors will be able to witness this at first-hand, and stocking Lelo is another tribute to the forward-thinking approach that saw Selfridges voted the world’s best department store last year.”

Selfridges stock a broad selection of Lelo’s luxury products, with massage oil candles that can be applied to the skin; a bridal pleasure set of sensual accessories for bachelorette parties; and the brand new Ora – a sophisticated oral pleasure simulator that mimics the seductive swirls and fast flicks of the tongue. Additional pleasure sets and a variety of personal massagers make up the items available.

Lelo products are available in Selfridges Oxford Street and online via www.Selfridges.com.