Self-warming vibe re-released

Posted: June 2, 2010

Pipedream Products has re-released its Body Heat Self-Warming Vibe, along with a new user manual to explain the vibrator’s intricate functions.

“We did a soft launch in 2009 to test the market,” said Pipedream Products COO Nick Orlandino. “We’ve since realised that it needed more user-friendly instructions for customers to truly appreciate how awesome this vibrator is. It’s one of the best vibrators we have to offer and there is nothing quite like it out there.”

Featuring inner heating coils and a digital stabiliser to keep the vibrator at the temperature selected, the Body Heat Self-Warming Vibe also has a backlit LCD display for night-time use, which shows a real-time temperature reading as it heats up.

“It is perfect for solo use as well as for couples,” added Kevin Johnson, Marketing Manager for Pipedream Products. “The vibrating clit stimulator is removable and can be worn as a cock ring, making it a perfect vibe for her to use in solitude or to share with her partner. With eight programmable speeds and vibration levels, this one-touch vibe is sure to ignite a fire between lovers like no other vibrator on the market!”

The Body Heat Self-Warming Vibe has a removable wall charger allows users to pre-heat the vibe before use and it comes with free replacement batteries for the clit stimulator as well as a long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery.

User manuals are available to anyone already carrying the item currently in their inventory. Contact your favourite Pipedream distributor for more details.