Screaming O is ahead of the Curve…

Posted: May 9, 2017

Screaming O has introduced its latest cock ring, the SwingO Curve. So named because of the unique shape which has been tailored to offer constriction in two ways; it can either be worn facing frontward or backward – putting an end to those awkward ‘is it on right?’ moments which can blight the bedrooms of the very best of us.

“SwingO Curve was fun to design because we were able to play with angles that traditional round cock rings simply can’t have,” Screaming O account executive Conde Aumann said. “Because Screaming O is known for affordable and accessible pricing, we paid special attention to price point and found a way to price the SwingO Curve and its thick True Silicone construction way below the market competition. The result is a totally different cock ring experience that costs less than 10 bucks, and we’re quite proud of the results.”

The SwingO Curve is described as being made from extra thick lab-tested body safe True Silicone and is available in black or grey. All Screaming O products are supported with free, full colour marketing materials upon request.

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