Scala/Pipedream relationship reaches ‘new heights’

Posted: September 10, 2015

Scala Playhouse has announced that its union with Pipedream and Jimmyjane has been taken to ‘new heights’ after the companies celebrated their working relationship by spending an afternoon fly-boarding on the Dutch waters. The event, organised by Pipedream, took place on the 5th of September and staff from all three companies were challenged to get adventurous on a unique fly-board in the refreshing waters of Almere, The Netherlands.

Scala Playhouse said: “Fly-boarding is a type of extreme watersports where a person elevates from the water on a special fly-board – similar to a snowboard – powered by the force of the water pumped from a connected jet-ski. The sport, invented by the French jet-ski world-champion Frank Zapata is new, adventurous and a must-try – just like the Pipedream and Jimmyjane products!”

The company added that it was thrilled to be invited by Pipedream and Jimmyjane to share the experience, which was another example of the strengthening relationship between the companies, following the enormous shared booth created by Scala Playhouse, Pipedream and Jimmyjane for June’s ETO Show.

“Even though fly-boarding can be very challenging, the participants to this event managed to reach various, impressive heights topping three meters above the water,” said Scala Playhouse.