Scala reports positive response to revamped ToyJoy

Posted: March 21, 2014

Scala Playhouse unveiled its new look ToyJoy Classics range during its Trade Fair last week and the company reports that the rebranding received a very positive response from customers. According to Scala, the unusual new packaging, which resembles milk cartons, has a more balanced diversity in the different lines.

The firm explained: “The goal of the rebranded packages from the ToyJoy Classics line is to have adult toys placed in an everyday package so it is very approachable. The time was right for a refreshment in the adult toy market and that is exactly what the rebranding of ToyJoy does. The boxes turned out to be one-of-a-kind packaging that will stand out in every store.”

The new packaging, plus supporting POS material, is available now from Scala Playhouse. Call 01675 430300 or visit for more information. A full report from the Scala Trade Fair will appear in the April issue of ETO.