Scala Playhouse takes on Scarlet Couture

Posted: August 12, 2016

Scala Playhouse has announced that the Scarlet Couture collection by Evolved is now available. The distributor says the collection of BDSM pleasure providers is the perfect choice to spice up consumers’ love lives and inject some red hot passion into their intimate play, making getting kinky not just pleasurable, but also fashionable.

“The Scarlet Couture collection from the Adam & Eve range by Evolved is a naughty range of adventurous pleasure providers, designed for lovers who like to go beyond ‘vanilla’,” said Scala Playhouse. “This sizzling collection contains fetish must-haves that will thrill your senses and pleasure all your hot spots. The range has a high end look and feel; perfect for BDSM lovers who want quality and great aesthetics. Get kinky with the collection’s must-have designs, like the luxurious Scarlet Couture Bedroom Bondage System. This quality product includes wrist and ankle cuffs, plus plenty of naughty straps to tie up a lover to anything, or anywhere, you desire.”

Scala Playhouse:

[T] 01675 430300 (UK)

[T] +31 (0)36 5219 000 (Europe)