Scala Playhouse says it’s topical to be tropical this summer

Posted: May 26, 2016

The new Dona by Jo Sassy collection of luxurious wellness essentials, which is infused with aphrodisiacs and pheromones, is now available at Scala Playhouse. “The beautiful Sassy collection from Dona by Jo is the perfect choice for consumers who want to pamper themselves with high quality, alluring wellness products,” said Scala Playhouse. “The range includes a wide variety of products such as a linen spray, massage oils, bath salts and various luxurious gift sets. All the products from the Sassy collection have the ‘tropical tease’ scent, which is sweet, sexy and fruity; a real fragrance of summer seduction. The luxurious wellness essentials from Dona by Jo leave your skin delicately scented and the infusion of aphrodisiacs and pheromones will lure any lover your way.”

Dona by Jo also offers the Naughty and Flirty collections, which each have their own unique scent, but Scala Playhouse says the topical tease scented Sassy range is particularly appropriate for summer. “The entire Dona by Jo assortment is produced using high-end materials and ingredients and the aphrodisiacs and pheromones used are all 100% safe, containing no harmful chemicals, known allergens or harsh irritants,” said Scala Playhouse. “Plus, all the Dona by Jo kissable products, such as the Kissable Massage Oil, Massage Candle, Body Paint and Body Topping are vegan and gluten free – a great match with consumers with specific dietary demands.”

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