Satisfyer to be ‘one of the most advertised brands in the world’

Posted: November 8, 2017

Further to its previous announcement, Satisfyer has confirmed that it will be investing an astonishing €100m in marketing over the next three years to promote Satisfyer Men and Satisfyer Women products. For 2018 alone, the German brand says it has bought more than 100,000,000,000 (that’s a hundred billion) views of pre-rolls, banners and TV advertising, in order to make Satisfyer a top selling brand worldwide. The company expects more than 270million people to see Satisfyer advertising every single day.

“We are also working on a new Satisfyer Women TV spot and worldwide campaign in cooperation with Europe´s most prestigious and awarded advertising agency Jung von Matt,” said vice president of sales Jerome Bensimon. “Shooting will start early November in the UK and the world premiere will be in January 2018.”

Founded in 1991, Jung von Matt is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and it has 24 affiliates in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, China, Poland and the Czech Republic. It employs almost 800 people and its previous clients include Mercedes Benz, Audi, Vodafone, and German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Bensimon added: “Following this strategy, Satisfyer will be one of the most advertised brands worldwide in 2018.”