Satisfyer Pro 2 launches, with free samples and POS

Posted: May 4, 2016

Available now is the Satisfyer Pro 2, a new sex toy for women which uses intensive pressure waves and tingling pulsation to deliver touch-free stimulation and multiple orgasms. The device is USB rechargeable and waterproof, so it can be used in the bath or shower.

Sharp eyed readers may notice certain similarities to Orion’s Womanizer in the above description and the images. The company behind the project, Satisfyer Germany, might be a new name but it is owned by an international investor in several industries who has already launched and sold brands such as Ovo and Baci Lingerie in this sector. He is also the sole owner of Germany’s biggest online erotic retailer, and it was through this channel that the product’s predecessor was sold. After settling with Orion, Satisfyer Pro 2 was developed.

“We commissioned several engineering companies and patent lawyers in Germany to develop an individual technology, which ended up taking one-and-a-half years and costing a seven-figure sum,” said Satisfyer Germany’s Jerome Bensimon. “The background to this is that Womanizer-patented technology cannot be circumvented and we needed to invent our own complete technical solution instead. This process took 18 months and cost this considerable sum. In the end we found what we consider to be a better solution and ours is also waterproof.”

Comparisons between the competing products will be inevitable, but Bensimon believes Satisfyer Pro 2 has the edge: “In our eyes the Satisfyer Pro 2 is the better product, uses better technology and is available for a better price,” he said. “In contrast to the Womanizer, the Satisfyer Pro 2 not only convinces with its waterproof design, but also through its quietness. No water, lubricant or other liquids can get into the interior of the product, which makes it 100 per cent hygienic and safe to use.”

Bensimon added: “The silicone head can easily be removed, cleaned and replaced at any time and the Satisfyer Pro 2 offers 11 programs and is charged with the included magnetic USB charging cable. Because of its extraordinary shape and the luxurious rosé-gold design, the Satisfyer Pro 2 has the appearance of a modern lifestyle product that fascinates every woman. It also comes with an unbeatable price, allowing our distributors to sell the Satisfyer Pro 2 to their wholesale customers for €29.95. This will immediately increase the retailers’ sales in this unique product category. At Satisfyer we believe that sharing is caring, which is why our sales team is happy to offer every distributor, free of charge, enough samples to guarantee every single store owner at least two free samples to try and also to share the experience with their customers. At the same time we offer amazing POS stands, including further samples, to every store free of charge.”

And just in case anyone is thinking of lifting the design, Bensimon warned: “Following the approach taken by Womanizer, we will also sue any company that copies our technology.”

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