Ruby Glow by Tabitha Rayne to sponsor Eroticon

Posted: January 23, 2017

Ruby Glow by Tabitha Rayne will be one of the sponsors of Eroticon 2017, the UK’s leading event for erotic writers and creatives, which will be held in Camden, London, on 4th and 5th of March. Eroticon will feature talks, workshops and demonstrations from a range of speakers, which are designed to inspire and educate attendees. Ruby Glow will be joined at the event by other sponsors including The Rabbit Company, Doxy, Hot Octopuss, Freedoms Shop, Godemiche, and Ceramic Pleasures. They will all be showcasing their products, and many will also be mingling with attendees throughout the weekend or taking part in demos and panels.

Tabitha will also be running a workshop with the life model John Benge and she explained why she wanted to become more involved with the event: “When I first plucked up the courage to go along to Eroticon in 2012, I was a shy timid writer looking to try and make a few friends and talk about sex words without feeling like I was odd or inappropriate – which can sometimes happen in real life, as not everyone wants to talk about how to best describe the mechanics of a threesome while in the queue at Aldi. It can be lonely. It was so fantastic to meet up with people I’d been following and talking to online. Indeed, it’s where my buddies, Lily Harlem, Kay Jaybee, Lucy Felthouse, Lexie Bay, Victoria Blisse and KD Grace and I met up for the first time and decided to form The Brit Babes – a group dedicated to promoting erotica and supporting other erotic writers.”

She continued: “It was through this network of open minded friends that I found the confidence to ask some ladies to help me test the prototypes for a new kind of vibrator I had designed, the Ruby Glow. If I hadn’t met them in person I don’t think I would have felt comfortable saying ‘Would you mind sitting on this for a bit and seeing if you have an orgasm?’ So meeting up with like-minded people has been key in not only my personal development but my professional and design career too. I felt that to bring Ruby Glow back to where its life started to blossom was a natural step. I invented Ruby Glow while sitting at my desk writing sexytime stories. Eroticon must be the perfect place to show off this toy. After all, what do each of us who attend go home afterwards to do? That’s right, sit at our desks typing saucy stories and sex adventures. There have been quite a few reviews from bloggers who will be attending so it will be so lovely to meet them in person. I’m also looking forward to introducing Ruby Glow to writers who might not have heard of it before. I know that my toy is an unusual one, but of all the people in the world to understand the concept pretty much as soon as they sit down, it’s the lovely Eroticon delegates. I am delighted to be part of the sponsorship team supporting Eroticon – it has always been a pleasure going along and talking to the lovely folk from Doxy, Pulse, Godemiche and more.”

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