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Rocks-Off rocks Oxford Street

Rocks-Off is promoting its RO-80 boutique seven-speed range of bullets by branding the front window of Harmony’s Oxford Street store. The display, which is set to run until October, includes a giant size bullet and it attracted attention as soon as it was installed, with people photographing each other in front of it (see picture).

Harmony’s area manager Jamie O’Sullivan said: “We are delighted to have been able to collaborate with Rocks-Off for this fantastic promotion. They are first and foremost a great brand and we felt their boutique range would fit in perfectly with our High Street window, especially in a high profile location such as Oxford Street which is one of the main destinations for shoppers in the UK and indeed throughout the world. The introduction of their new seven-speed products has given Harmony that bit more to offer our customers and the wonderful collection of 80mm seven-speed bullets with their great variation of colours and patterns only serves to endorse this.”

Rocks-Off sales executive Leigh Dedhar added: “We have been working Harmony now for a number of years and Jamie wanted something bright and eye catching for the flagship location in London. Our seven-speed RO-80 boutique bullets are part of the rollout for Rocks-Off’s new products – the whole of Rocks-Off’s existing products have been hiked up to seven and 10 speed pleasers – and were a perfect fit for what Harmony wanted to achieve for their store and their customers. We are really pleased with the results. Store branding is just part of what the team at Rocks Off are able to offer our customers and with the new rollout and the new products we’re launching this year we will have something that will suit everyone.”

If you would like to discuss branding with Rocks-Off the company will be exhibiting at the ETO Show this weekend.