Rocks-Off kicks off 2019 with new launches and a new site

Posted: January 25, 2019

Rocks-Off has started 2019 with a bang, reporting a successful ANME event and relaunching its website. The UK manufacturer said that January’s ANME was one of the busiest shows to date, and among the lines making their US debuts were Dr Rocco’s Erotic Emporium, Chaiamo, and EveryGirl.

“ANME is a great show for us,” said Rocks-Off sales manager Sham Galoria. “The Chaiamo and EveryGirl are amazing products and when buyers actually feel them for themselves, they really are bowled over by the power. We believe that the Chaiamo is currently one of the most powerful products of its kind in the current market. The quality and presentation are second to none and certainly you would expect products like this to have higher retail tags. Our customers were ordering in large amounts and we will be adding more to this range further into 2019.”

Galoria added that other new releases, including additions to the Touch of Velvet range, new Cosmic Delights holographic RO 90s, and the IBEX kit which sits within the Manex range, were also well received: “We also aimed the launch of our revamped website to coincide with the event so our customers could access inventory information and associated elements as they placed their orders. We came home with brand new customers, so all in all we are delighted.”

The revamped website is said to retain Rocks-Off’s brand elements while also serving as a useful commercial tool for customers.

“We’ve designed the site so it fits perfectly with current market trends in terms of how it functions and delivers to the end user,” said Galoria. “However, the media centre now gives our trade customers access to our product ranges in terms of full suites of hi and low-res imagery, translations, conformity information, brand elements and videos. Customers are also able to cherry pick or access all elements in one quick download.”

There is also a secure bespoke area planned where customers will be able to place their orders directly with their account manager. “That’s not to say that we won’t be regularly speaking to our customers as normal, however we wanted a quick option available, so customers could quickly get their order to us in a few clicks and then be able to grab all of the elements they need to get the products loaded into their systems ready for when their orders arrive,” explained Galoria. “We are really pleased with the finished result and our art director Paul Collins and his team as well as our internal and external developers have done an amazing job.”

The new site can be seen at