Rocks-Off iBalls harness the power of vaginal squeezing

Posted: April 1, 2015

The boffins at innovative UK pleasure products manufacturer Rocks-Off have created a revolutionary new product which could go a long way to solving the global energy crisis. The astonishing new iBalls use Rocks-Off’s patented KegalPower technology to harness the power of vaginal squeezing.

Made of high-grade, platinum silicone, the iBalls are waterproof, submersible and easy to clean and incorporate two micro kinetic generators (one in each ball). The iBalls connect to an iPhone and when the user inserts them and begins to squeeze them the charging symbol on the iPhone will illuminate to indicate power from the balls is being received.

“Women are tired of doing kegel exercises and only getting the result of having stronger PC muscles,” said Rocks-Off sales director Andrea Duffy. “Now they can use the extra time and energy spent to power their iPhone.The average user will save electricity and be able to charge their iPhone anywhere. It’s amazing!”

Rocks-Off say that iBalls is currently only compatible with Apple iPhone 5 and above and charging time may vary with users’ strength. Use with iPads is discouraged as apparently focus group testers reported “extreme fatigue” as a side effect.

[In the interests of full disclosure, ETO would like to point out that you can’t always believe everything you read on April 1st.]