Rocks-Off channels steampunk movement with Dr Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium

Posted: September 28, 2018

Rocks-Off is launching a new collection of 10 products inspired by the steampunk genre of science fiction/fantasy. Called Dr Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium, Rocks-Off says the products all feature details that give them an authentic steampunk look: “The silicones have been produced to portray an intricately crafted and forged item with a further special finish, not currently seen in the adult industry, giving the look of lustre and patina of aged and forged metallic,” the company said.

Steampunk fiction incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery and works are often set in an alternative version of the Victorian era. The term was coined in the 1980s by science fiction author KW Jeter and it is also used to describe the artistic styles and fashions that developed from the movement. “We always try and look at different markets and see what is currently trending or what’s a bit different and see how we can apply this to our products,” said Rocks-Off. “Steampunk related products, themes and trends are currently available in design décor, fashion, accessories and consumables product markets so why not in a range of pleasure products?”

Night Wish, Day Dream and Halcyon Daze are the 90 mm 10 function bullets from the collection that sit within the range and power some of the products.  They feature the hallmark design of steampunk, complete with clockwork cogs intermingled with nautical tentacles and dragonflies, against deep copper, gold and silver metallics.

The theme has also been applied to the packaging and presentation: “The whole ethos of the brand and range has been created to hit the customer with that wow factor from the moment they pick up the product to taking the products out of the box to use,” said Rocks-Off. “Who will love the range? Absolutely everyone! And certainly, anyone who wants something that’s just a little different and enjoys a dashing sensual bedroom adventure or two.”

Dr Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium will be launched at EroFame, where a limited edition set of eight *Furtling cards will also be available from the company’s stand.

“We are really excited about the launch of the Dr Rocco range,” said Rocks-Off director Gary Elliot. “Not only is it visual, vibrant and very aesthetically pleasing but we have also applied some very different finishes to the products and packaging that makes them instantly appealing. We believe the Dr Rocco Furtle cards are the perfect accompaniment for the products and without doubt a true to time saucy parlour game and we know that everyone is going to absolutely love Furtling!”

*Furtling was a Victorian era pastime that involved using one’s hands and fingers to simulate anatomical features in a postcard or photograph.