Rocks-Off celebrates 12th anniversary with Rock-Chick makeover

Posted: March 18, 2015

Rocks-Off has announced that it is celebrating the 12th anniversary of its signature Rock-Chick by giving the product a makeover. Launched in 2003, in the third issue of ETO, the Rock-Chick was unlike any other sex toy on the market back then, offering simultaneous stimulation of both internal and external areas with one simple rocking movement.

“We wanted our products to be powerful, bold, tactile, aesthetically pleasing and above all, be like no other on the market at that time and Rock- Chick certainly fulfilled that criteria,” said Rocks-Off co-founder and developer Ian Marshall. “Rock-Chick is the most enduring of the ranges, it was our original product and at the time the design was ground-breaking. Really without us knowing, when we set out, it also lead the way to our range of boy’s toys, as guys were using Rock-Chick as prostate and perineum massagers and were experiencing the most fantastic results so it made perfect sense to develop this further which then lead to our hugely successful boys’ range.”

A number of subtle enhancements have been made to the Rock-Chick, though it is still powered by the award-winning RO80mm seven-speed bullet.

Marshall continued: “It made perfect sense for our 12th anniversary to celebrate our success in the market by relaunching the product that made it all possible,  but we wanted to make sure that we remained true to our original ethos when we set out with this product and that’s what we feel we’ve achieved. ”

“The new sleeker, more modern Rock-Chick feels great in your hand,” added Rocks-Off sales director Andrea Duffy. “It’s just a few small changes, like a softer feel, and a more ergonomically designed handle, that really perfect an already great product. We used a more pliable silicone for easier use but kept it stiff enough to really hit the G-Spot.”

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