Ring leaders: Perfect Fit Xact-Fit now available at ABS

Posted: August 12, 2016

ABS Holdings is now stocking the Perfect Fit Brand Play Zone Kit, which the distributor says turns traditional cock ring sizing on its head. ABS Holdings said: “The new Perfect Fit rings are called Xact-Fit and while most manufactures are happy with just three to five ring sizes, Perfect Fit offer 14 sizes in the same range that are just 0.1 inches apart. This ensures that you get the best fit possible.”

The Play Zone Kit features nine stretchy rings on a sturdy cone and are divided into smaller shaft rings, slightly larger ball rings and even bigger cock and ball rings. “The dedicated sections overlap, and depending on your own size, you can use any ring wherever it fits best, giving you complete control over your pleasure,” said ABS. “You can use one ring at a time, or add as many as you like for a truly creative experience. Perfect Fit believes that perfect sizing makes all the difference when it comes to cock rings and ball rings. They’ve created each ring in plush soft touch silicone that feels incredible against your skin and prevents the ring from grabbing hair. This means that you can focus solely on your performance while the Perfect Fit Xact ring takes care of the rest. These rings are strong with a high quality design that lasts, and we love that each ring is stamped with its unique size, eliminating the need for any guessing. The Play Zone cone holds your Xact rings perfectly – great for easy storage and spontaneous fun!”

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