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Revo to rival rabbit?

After more than a year’s development Nexus has announced the launch of Revo, which the firm describes as its most adventurous product so far.

Revo is claimed to be the first ever prostate massager with an independently powered moving head and it also boasts an external perineum stimulator which features two deep vibration patterns and raised pleasure nodules. This works in conjunction with the rotating head to create a dual sensation which Nexus says will take the user into sensory overdrive.

“We are confident that this product is going to take the industry by storm,” said Nexus sales director Steve Gamble. “At last men have a product to rival the iconic female rabbit. We’ve tested the Revo extensively and every man reported intense, powerful sensations – the Revo is going to change the way men orgasm forever.”

Nexus says that Revo has been developed with experts in the field and it features an internal chassis for extra strength, a drive motor with high torque gearbox and integral clutch with super quiet nylon gears.

London-based Tantra expert Seb Cox [www.s2r.co.uk] is a devotee of the new toy. “The Nexus Revo is a must-have toy for all prostate pleasure enthusiasts,” he is quoted as saying. “I was amazed at how powerful the internal rotation is – it massages the prostate firmly and consistently, unlike any other device I have tried. Its strong yet smooth mechanism allows a level of prostate pleasure that I have not found from a toy before. Putting it simply, the Nexus Revo is a revolution.”

The waterproof Revo takes its power from two AA batteries and at maximum settings will deliver four hours of use. For further information contact [email protected]