Red letter days: Creative Conceptions launches Quickie Cuffs in new red colour

Posted: February 6, 2018

Creative Conceptions has launched a new version of its Quickie Cuffs, and the original black set has now been joined by a spicy red set – just in time for Valentine’s Day. Unlike conventional cuffs, Quickie Cuffs restrain without the use of chains and keys. They are made from hypoallergenic silicone, so they are strong, lightweight, and flexible, and they can be used on wrists or ankles. They are available in two sizes – medium and large – and their smooth surface area will not chaff the skin.

Creative Conceptions founder, Jane Bowles said: “We chose to release a red version of our Quickie Cuffs as the colour is a universally recognisable expression of love and passion and although striking, a softer take on the typical black used in restraint play. They broaden the range and hopefully appeal to a new market.”

The red Quickie Cuffs are available now. Suggested retail prices are £9.89 (medium) and £10.99 (large).

Creative Conceptions:

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