Red alert: Dreamgirl launches FHV collection

Posted: September 24, 2019

Dreamgirl has launched its 2019/20 Fall Holiday Valentine collection and UK distributor New Temptations says that the brand has not forgotten the power of red. “Red has always been the colour of the holiday season,” said New Temptations. “You can never go wrong with that perfect shade of red that gives you just the right amount of pop. Perfect for the holiday season, Dreamgirl gives you the perfect blend of stretch mesh embroidery and Venice lace to make you feel special for the holidays or for that special someone on Valentine’s Day.”

The collection is said to feature velvet and metallic fabrics designed to make the wearer dazzle, plus a selection of Santa-themed hero garments. New Temptations said another highlight from the FHV collection is the nude range.

“What makes for a better cover-up than being sexy and confident in your skin?” the distributor said. “The nude capsule is designed to be inclusive for all skin tones imaginable and desired. Whether you are honey, dark chocolate, or vanilla, Dreamgirl encourages you to let your natural skin shine through and embrace every part of your body.”

New Temptations:

[T] 0161 480 6204