Real Housewives of Atlanta party with Pipedream

Posted: April 25, 2017

Pipedream was feeling the Aloha Spirit last month after its Bachelorette Pecker Lei Necklace and Kiss My…! Party Game were both featured in a special episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, filmed in Hawaii. The bachelorette line was turned on its head as the ladies used it for a special divorce party to celebrate newfound singledom.

During the segment, the women decide to throw the divorce party in an effort to lift spirits and have some light-hearted fun around two cast members’ impending divorces. The Kiss My….! Party Game was hung on a wall and each of them took turns, twirling, then trying to land a lipstick kiss in just the right spot. Guests also received a Pecker Lei Necklace, which seemed particularly appropriate for a divorce party in the Hawaiian setting.

Pipedream Products is no stranger to the Bravo network. Its Pipedream Extreme Katie Cougar Love Doll was featured on the January 16th episode of Vanderpump Rules when Lisa Vanderpump gifted the love doll to cast member Katie Maloney for her bridal shower.

“It is one thing to have fun developing these products,” said Rob Phaneuf, VP of product development at Pipedream. “It is a totally different thing to see how much fun our customers have with them. Especially when this plays out on top network shows like Bravo.”

The Pipedream segment can be viewed in Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 9, Ep. 17, and the whole of the company’s bachelorette products can be found at