Ready for Teddy?

Posted: June 27, 2014

June saw the start of an Indigegogo campaign for a unique, discreet, sexual toy that provides pleasure through dual, vibrating mechanisms. The unique aspect comes from the device looking like a conventional fluffy Teddy Bear, with the vibrators encased in Teddy’s nose and tongue. Named Teddy Love, the controls are contained within Teddy’s ears.

Dawn Harmon, CEO of Teddy Love Incorporated, says on the Indiegogo page: “Our vision is to have Teddy Love in every woman’s bedroom. Teddy Love is versatile, unique, cuddly and pleasurable.”

Teddy Love reportedly took over a year to develop and it is now ready to move into production, with the first run expected to start this month. The Indiegogo campaign will run until August 15th and a number of perks are on offer, ranging from a tank top to a party pack containing four Teddy Love bears. For more information visit