RCC Wholesale introduces Red Stallion

Posted: August 1, 2018

RCC Wholesale has announced the launch of Red Stallion, a new supplement that the company says contains a blend of testosterone-boosting ingredients including L-arginine and magnesium, libido enhancer maca, and pro-erectile nutrients L-selenomethionine and zinc.

RCC Wholesale says the product is designed to enhance male sexual health in five areas, including increasing performance and libido, firmer erections, longer lasting orgasms, and more sex stamina.

“A team of experts was put together to understand the challenges that men face when trying to choose a suitable solution for sexual health issues,” the company said, adding that Red Stallion was developed to help combat those challenges, making it easier for men to regain lost confidence in the bedroom.

The product is available in a range of box sizes and RCC is so confident in the product, which the firm says has quickly become one of its best sellers, that it is offering customers a bonus worth €200. For more information contact trade@rcc-wholesale.com