Pump up the Chump: the new Donald doll from Pipedream

Posted: March 9, 2016

We all suspected it was coming – indeed, in the final ETO of 2015, our editor’s predictions for the year ahead included: “Following its success with its Horny Hillary blow-up doll, Pipedream announces it is to release a Dickhead Donald model…” – and now it’s here, albeit with a slightly different name. The Donald Chump love doll from Pipedream features authentic orange skin tone and, in a nod to the Trump enthusiast, the back of the box can be transformed into a wall in an attempt to keep undesirables at bay.

Although there is no mention of whether a little prick could potentially damage the product, the box proclaims: ‘He’s screwed up politics, now you can screw him back,’ and we expect there will be no shortage of takers. Demand is expected to be high and stocks will be limited so retailers would be well advised to contact their Pipedream representative or distributor as soon as possible before the mainstream media picks up on this.

Pipedream’s interest in Donald Trump is not confined to this love doll though: the company has recently invited the presidential candidate to have his genitals moulded.