Pride and joy: rainbow coloured dildos for the Pride season

Posted: April 14, 2016

With Pride season kicking off, Eropartner Distribution is stocking rainbow coloured dildos, which can be specified with or without balls. The distributor says the hand-made Pride Dildos are 20 cm long and made entirely from premium body-safe medical grade silicone. They have a suction cup at the base which will stick to any non-porous surface and girth is either 12 cm or 14 cm, depending on the model. Both are supplied in see-through retail packaging.

“I realised that there were so many types of rainbow products available, especially for Gay Pride events, but no one had made a rainbow coloured dildo,” said Brian Sloan, designer of the Pride Dildo. “New advances in silicone manufacturing technology have allowed me to create the Pride Dildo, which is the first dildo of its kind.”

Pride events will be taking place throughout Europe over the coming months, and Mischa Heins, account manager at Eropartner Distribution, said: “We advise our retail partners to stock up on this unique product. It makes a great product to have in a retailer’s assortment and is an eye catcher in every store.”

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Forthcoming UK Pride events are scheduled for: Exeter (7th May), Birmingham (28th May), Bradford (28th May), Durham (30th May), Worthing (31st May), Cumbria (4th June), Oxford (4th June), London (10th June), Blackpool (11th June), Gloucestershire (11th June), Canterbury (11th June), Coventry (18th June), York (18th June), Portsmouth (18th June), Bournemouth (8th July), Bristol (9th July), Essex (9th July), Newcastle (15th July), Hull (16th July), Rotherham (16th July), Stoke on Trent (16th July), Luton (23rd July), Chesterfield (24th July), Liverpool (30th July), Norwich (30th July), Weston-super-Mare (30th July), Nottingham (30th July), Sheffield (30th July), Hereford (30th July), Belfast (6th August), Brighton (6th August), Leeds (7th August), Cardiff (13th August), Plymouth (13th August), Margate (13th August), Glasgow (20th August), Wythenshawe (20th August), Warwickshire (20th August), Swindon & Wiltshire (20th August), Doncaster (20th August), Gosport (21st August), Foyle (22nd August), Manchester (26th August), Cornwall (27th August), Walsall (27th August), Totnes (3rd September), Hertfordshire (3rd September), Reading (3rd September), Bolton (23rd September), and Chester (1st October).