Power play: XR’s tool-inspired sex machines now shipping

Posted: November 22, 2017

XR Brands has announced it is now shipping its new power tool-inspired sex machines, the latest additions to its Lovebotz line. According to the company, these handheld sex machines and accessories introduce a concentrated, hardcore sensation powered by the kinds of high-RPM motors associated with drills and saws, but each is built for a safe and intensely satisfying result accessible to consumers worldwide.

The Thrust-Bot Handheld Multi-Speed Sex Machine is described as a heavy-duty reciprocating saw capable of delivering intense thrusting at up to 2,000 RPM. The trigger-pull control keeps the user in charge of the speed while the safety switch makes sure things never get out of hand. Included is a thick, veiny 7” TPE dildo, though any Vacuum-Lock or Vacuum-Grip dildo can be attached.

The Power Spinner Portable Sex Machine Drill is designed for vaginal or anal penetration, and features a rotating dildo with a speed range of up to 1,350 RPM and more than 16 torque settings. The Power Spinner is equipped with trigger-pull speed controls, a dual-speed switch, and a polarity button to change the direction of rotation. This too comes with a 7” dildo.

The Auto Flogger Whip Attachment for Drills features a metal rod, which is said to be easily insertable into most drill chucks, allowing the flogger attachment to provide non-stop impact when attached to a standard drill. Each of the 16 strands slaps the desired body part as the drill spins at the speed set by the user.

“Consumers have long been curious about the homemade power tool adapted sex toys they’ve seen online, so we set out to create safer and more reliable versions merchandisable for adult retail,” said XR Brands general manager Rebecca Weinberg said. “These tools bring that intense, hardcore experience home and give users a new and extremely pleasurable way to explore their limits. As with all items from Lovebotz, these new units are fully packaged and merchandised as a cohesive brand that makes sex machines accessible to everyday users and experts alike.”

For more information visit www.xrbrands.com