POS display now available for Versa from Net 1on1

Posted: July 25, 2017

Net 1on1 has created a point of sale stand for its recently launched bendy vibrator, Versa, so retailers can showcase the versatile couples’ toy. The Loving Joy Versa multi-purpose vibrator was launched in May and Net 1on1 says it has quickly become one of the bestselling items in its catalogue. The vibrator can be used for solo and couples play and can adapt to the user’s individual anatomy as it bends, twists and turns as desired.

Net 1on1 believes that demonstrating the flexibility of this product is key, so it is now offering retailers a POS display that can house the vibrator in a bent, U-shape so customers can see at close quarters what the Versa is all about.

Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez said: “The Loving Joy Versa has already been performing extremely well for us, and the response we got from our customers in the last two months couldn’t have been better. With the POS we hope to offer an easy conversation starter to shop teams who will be able to showcase the vibrator in its bent form which will immediately draw the attention of couples looking for insertable, wearable toys. POS stands provide a great opportunity for stores to lure customers to a particular product as people tend to be drawn to things they can see, touch and get a sense of before committing to a purchase. This is especially key for items that have unique selling points – such as the flexibility of the Versa – that are not always immediately obvious from the packaging.”

He added: “We also made sure that the POS lists all the important information about the product so even without the help of a store staff member, customers will be able to make informed decisions. We are aware that products are in heavy competition for prime display space in stores these days so the Versa stand is relatively small, it will fit on any counter, shelf or display fixture. Supporting our retail customers is crucial for us, and with the addition of this POS, we believe that the Versa is going to sell for them like hotcakes – the vibrator is a great addition to both their female and couples’ catalogue, and this has never been easier to exhibit than with this simple, but clever, small, but stylish point of sale stand.”

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