Pornhub sex toy collection now available at Eropartner Distribution

Posted: October 18, 2017

Eropartner Distribution has announced that Pornhub: The Official Sex Toy Collection is now available. The range consists of toys such as male strokers plus a selection of bondage gear. For those unaware of the brand, the Pornhub website is said to attract 80 million daily visits, with an average visit duration of 10 minutes per visitor. The site has also been described as the 22nd largest in the world, with over 22 million registered users.

Ray Hayes, VP of trade sales, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be partnering and working with Eropartner bringing the Pornhub range of toys to the marketplace.”

Mischa Heins, sales manager at Eropartner Distribution, said: “We are pleased and excited to have this collection in our assortment. With over 80 million visitors a day, these products are a must-have for every retailer.”

Eropartner Distribution: